For 16 weeks, the City of Toronto has provided funding for SanRomanoway Revitalization Association to prepare and deliver meals for the Seniors and families in the JaneFinch Community. These Seniors and families reside in high-rise, and Seniors-assisted living apartments. This population is prone to social isolation, poverty and at-risk. They are from the African Diaspora, Afro-Caribbean, African-Canadian and Caribbean backgrounds.

Both project and organization staff were more than willing to increase mode of communication to ensure safety and comfort in participating in this initiative.  With proper COVID-19 protocols, and PPE, we had 3 staff deliver meals to seniors who were shut-in, or experiencing various abilities, and anxieties or did not have access to the centre. Also, participants shared their concerns with regards to being out in the public due to the pandemic.

“This project has out done our expectation; we are serving 112 meals weekly along with a $25.00 grocery card and a $ 25.00 hamper. The Project Coordinator has been quite innovative with assisting with some extra hampers and the Project Chef is great. The weekly Caribbean/ African hot meals are the highlight for our seniors and families. Now, as word of mouth is spreading, we are preparing extra meals to meet the needs. I had no idea with all my experience and years working in the community that there was hunger, poverty and destitute families out there; and those we are seeing are the hidden ones.” 

SRRA is forever grateful to the City of Toronto for providing the needed funds to carry out this project. 

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